The oysters are now their world

The oysters are now their world

Angasi native oysters are the venue's namesake.

Portarlington’s the Ol’ Duke has a new lease of life thanks to Peter Kenny of Bellarine Estate, who has taken over the venue and renamed it Angasi Bar and Grill, giving a nod to the local native flat angasi oysters being farmed on the peninsula.

Chef Brett McKay’s menu will lean towards Mediterranean-Greek seafood with a little Texas-style steakhouse – Peter’s wife Liz hails from the US.  There will be an all-day mezze selection, angasi oysters will feature in season, with an oyster-seafood bar in the ballroom over summer.  Along with a host of local vintages, the Bellarine Estate’s wine and beers will also have a cellar door outlet on site. And if you want to linger longer, six double rooms and two family rooms are part of the accommodation.

Angasi Bar & Grill

40 Newcombe Street, Portarlington,
Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria,
Australia 3223.

Angasi native oysters are the venue’s namesake.
 Photo: Richard Cornish